Need a luxury gift idea?

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Fortune Magazine just named the Torque t096z one of the top choices of luxury gift ideas! Check out

adminNeed a luxury gift idea?

ComputerWorld names Torque Headphones as top 5 holiday gifts!

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“In our modern work culture, your headphones send a statement to everyone around you. There are really only two choices. You either look like Princess Leia with a large ear-covering set or go with earbuds that are more subtle (and force you to give up tonal quality). Fortunately, for this one product, there is one company that offers both. Torque


adminComputerWorld names Torque Headphones as top 5 holiday gifts!
t402v 14.51

t402v is finally in stock!

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After months of waiting, we’re finally shipping the t402v! We’re taking orders!

admint402v is finally in stock!

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