DownBeats concert apparel? Yeah!!

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Our friends at DownBeats just launched a Kickstarter project featuring Concert Lifestyle inspired apparel. Don’t know where to stash your stuff while dancing? Well, now you do! Check them out HERE.

adminDownBeats concert apparel? Yeah!!

Torque t402v reviewed on Roobla!

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“I’ve never heard of Torque Audio, but I thought I would try them out. Starting at $399, these headphones are expensive, but have great sound quality, and noise isolation. ” – Kezden @Roobla  Read more about it HERE

adminTorque t402v reviewed on Roobla!

Sound&Vision Review!

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Leslie Shapiro from S+V just wrote us a great follow up review on the Balanced, Smooth, and Bliss Valves on the t103z. You can read about it here on Sound&Vision.

adminSound&Vision Review!

Why do we prefer double injection ear tips?

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It’s not just for cool looks. We’ve designed the center shaft to be harder than the outer area that touches your skin. The soft outer, of course, is for comfort. But the harder center allows for better bass response. If the center was soft, some of the low frequency energy would get absorbed resulting in less and/or unpredictable bass.

adminWhy do we prefer double injection ear tips?

Keep those silicone ear-tips tidy

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Included exclusively to the upcoming t096z, Silicone ear-tip container to keep them clean, handy, and organized! We’ll continue to leak some info as we get closer to our product release… so stay “tuned”.

adminKeep those silicone ear-tips tidy

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