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Missed out on our Kickstarter Campaign? Here’s your chance to score the upcoming t096z for 20% off!! Make sure you enter the coupon code when checking out to apply the discount! Get yours HERE!

adminUSE COUPON CODE: torque_pre_order

How the heck did the t096z beat out all other in-ear headphones?

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“Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to Kickstarter projects, and Torque’s gambit isn’t any different. For the t096z in-ears, that means 9mm bio-cell diaphragms and six interchangeable valves that are designed to enhance the musical elements based on whatever genre you’re listening to. The good news is that no matter which valve you use, your music sounds great.” – Reviewed.com

  • The Torque t096z is better than 98% of the headphones we tested.
  • It is better than 98% of the headphones we have tested under$400.
  • It is better than 100% of the in-ear headphones we have tested.
  • This graph shows the Torque t096z’s score compared to other headphones we tested. Learn more.

Read the article HERE.

adminHow the heck did the t096z beat out all other in-ear headphones?

Kickstarter Stretch Goals!

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We’re partnering with our good friends at Downbeats for our Kickstarter stretch goal! Once we hit $50k, we’re going to give every pledge over $70, a free set!! This retails for $14 so this is an amazing deal for everyone who cares about their ears’ health. We found this to be a perfect stretch goal as we’ve always preached the safety of headphone use. Next time you rock out at a concert, use these to avoid the “Sonic Hangover”. Your ears with thank you for it! For more info on Downbeats, check out:http://downbeats.com/

adminKickstarter Stretch Goals!

Review by Brent Butterworth!

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Check out what Brent has to say about our t402v headphone in his review on SoundStage! Magazine!

“Usually, when I review headphones, I have to try to figure out what kind of taste in sound the model in question will appeal to. That’s not the case with the Torque t402vs. As long as you don’t crave trebly sound, it’s hard to imagine that you won’t find two or three or even four of the t402vs’ eight distinct sounds that appeal to you. And the facts that the t402vs are so beautifully designed, with comfortable earpads, easy portability, and great looks, make them even more appealing.”

adminReview by Brent Butterworth!

Review on Digital Trends

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Thank you Caleb for the kind words about our new headphones on Digital Trends!

“Torque has itself a killer product on its hands, one we think will change what people expect from their headphones. We wouldn’t be surprised if Torque’s success winds up re-shaping the headphone industry entirely.”

Caleb Denison -a professional musician, amateur chef and A/V electronics guru on Digital Trends

adminReview on Digital Trends


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We launched our Kickstarter project and need all of fans to spread the word! You can find us HERE. You’ll fall in love with our headphones guaranteed. And by guarantee, we mean a 30 day money back if you don’t agree!


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