Torque t402v reviewed on Roobla!

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I’ve never heard of Torque Audio, but I thought I would try them out. Starting at $399, these headphones are expensive, but have great sound quality, and noise isolation. ” – Kezden @Roobla 

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adminTorque t402v reviewed on Roobla!

Video demo of TorqueValves!

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Ever wonder how effective our TorqueValves are? -Best viewed with headphones for full effect. This demo simulates the frequency response of TorqueValves from our t096z headphones.

Watch the video HERE!

adminVideo demo of TorqueValves!

In depth review of t402v on GearDiary

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Here’s what  said about our t402v!

What I Like: Comfortable headphones that can be either on-ear or over-ear with the switch of the ear cups; Sound produced is exceptional; Bass can be tweaked by rotating the ear cups until you get the sound that you want; Solid design with aluminum touches

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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adminIn depth review of t402v on GearDiary

LA Times gift guide features t096z!

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Torque t096z customizable headphones: These in-ear headphones come with six interchangeable TorqueValves that can be swapped out to adjust the bass level appropriate for the type of music being played. – Read more here.

adminLA Times gift guide features t096z!

The t096z is on Head-Fi’s buying guide!

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The Torque t096z ‪#‎headphone‬ is loved by everyone who’ve test driven it. http://bit.ly/1TFLOpH
“All in all, if you’re after a solidly-built pair of good-sounding IEMs and the idea of being able to choose your sound tuning appeals to you, especially if you’re after a lot of bass, the Torque Audio to96z IEMs are worth checking out.”

adminThe t096z is on Head-Fi’s buying guide!

ComputerWorld names Torque Headphones as top 5 holiday gifts!

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“In our modern work culture, your headphones send a statement to everyone around you. There are really only two choices. You either look like Princess Leia with a large ear-covering set or go with earbuds that are more subtle (and force you to give up tonal quality). Fortunately, for this one product, there is one company that offers both. Torque Audio sells both high-quality earbuds with pristine quality (the T096Z set) and larger headphones (the T402V). In my tests, both sounded perfect.” – CW


Read ComputerWorld’s article here

adminComputerWorld names Torque Headphones as top 5 holiday gifts!
t402v 14.51

t402v is finally in stock!

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After months of waiting, we’re finally shipping the t402v! We’re taking orders!

admint402v is finally in stock!

Bare with us while we clean up our web site!

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Recently, our credit card validation system went awry but PayPal had no issues. Some of our customers discovered the issues and notified us. While our devs have now made the credit card validation to be stable, it did break a few alignment of graphical content. So please bare with us while we clean up our mess!

adminBare with us while we clean up our web site!

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