We are now selling on Fancy.com!

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Are the Torque ‪‎headphones considered fancy? Yup! We’re finally selling on Fancy.com! Check out the store: fancy.com/shop/TorqueAudio

adminWe are now selling on Fancy.com!

Video demo of TorqueValves!

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Ever wonder how effective our TorqueValves are? -Best viewed with headphones for full effect. This demo simulates the frequency response of TorqueValves from our t096z headphones. Watch the video HERE!

adminVideo demo of TorqueValves!

In depth review of t402v on GearDiary

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Here’s what Judie Lipsett Stanford said about our t402v! What I Like: Comfortable headphones that can be either on-ear or over-ear with the switch of the ear cups; Sound produced is exceptional; Bass can be tweaked by rotating the ear cups until you get the sound that you want; Solid design with aluminum touches What Needs Improvement: Nothing Read more HERE

adminIn depth review of t402v on GearDiary

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