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Come Test Drive Torque At Engadget Live LA!!!


Live in Los Angeles? Want to test drive Torque headphones? You’re in luck! We’ll be showing off our stuff at Engadget Live LA in downtown, Friday, Aug. 21st! For more info: http://engt.co/1N7HSyb -Admission is FREE!!! Just sign up!

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Cheskey 360 Degree Binaural Tracks for Free!


Is 3D sound possible without DSP? These recordings may surprise you! Grab these free Chesky tracks that used binaural recording method and try it out. Be sure to read the PDF files while you enjoy! bit.ly/1MYfYVv

How the heck did the t096z beat out all other in-ear headphones?


“Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to Kickstarter projects, and Torque’s gambit isn’t any different. For the t096z in-ears, that means 9mm bio-cell diaphragms and six interchangeable valves that are designed to enhance the musical elements based on whatever genre you’re listening to. The good news is that no matter which valve you use, your music sounds great.” – Reviewed.com

  • The Torque t096z is better than 98% of the headphones we tested.
  • It is better than 98% of the headphones we have tested under$400.
  • It is better than 100% of the in-ear headphones we have tested.
  • This graph shows the Torque t096z’s score compared to other headphones we tested. Learn more.

Read the article HERE.